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Sweden's oldest ski travel agency 

Since 1963, Nord-Resor arranged ski trips, the initially small tour operator is currently one of the largest but still just as personal. Today when everything is spinning at a faster pace, it is important to have plan their vacation in peace and quiet with knowledgeable staff. You, the customer should always feel that we have time when you call or visit us.

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We are all different and the requirements of a good ski trip varies. The advantage for our customers to book with Nord-Resor is that we have personal experience of those places that we sell, which makes it easier for us to guide our customers right. That we are one of the largest operator also means that we can drive down prices for you.

There are many wonderful places to choose from, we have something for everyone. Hard to choose? Call us, and together we can come up with your best vacation, everything to make you the customer happy. Here on our website you will find lots of information about their various destinations and rates on our various accommodation options. For more personal service and guidance for ski trips, you are always welcome to call us at 031-27 00 50.